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Diary of a Bandman
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Thursday, September 13th, 2007
12:46 pm
September already?
Again: I've been bloggin' up a storm on the ol' MySpace page. It's just too darned easy. Figured, however, that'd I'd throw an exclusive entry this way in order to please the rabid "Diary of a Bandman" fans. Yes, we've got an army of salivating raccoons who just neeeeeeeed their fix of BAM news. That's the allure of the Alpaca, no doubt.

I've also seen another BAM-related LiveJournal page—one that focuses specifically on the aforementioned Alpaca. It's a look into the dark recesses of its one-track mind. Give it a look-see over at http://i-love-alpacas.livejournal.com/

Last night, we played a fun party at the Rockhill Country Club in Manorville. It was a fundraiser/celebration held by the Peconic Warpipes. They rocked out; we rocked out; and we all rocked out together! T'was a blast. Kudos to our buddy, Scotty, who was bangin' his drum with authority!

I'd like to thank the Peconic Warpipes for inviting us to play their party and all the folks who let us know that they loved us. You're all officially Celticly Insane! We'll see you all again soon!

Don't forget to keep up with us in real time over at http://www.myspace.com/bangersandmashband

Friday, July 27th, 2007
2:31 pm
I know, I know...
I've been doing all of my blogging over on the MySpace page. It's just so darned convenient. I know that this journal was the first one; yeah, we have a history over here. But hey, times change. Nothing stays the same after all.

Make sure you visit the MySpace page often. If you aren't over there--if you aren't a friend--then you're not as Celticly Insane as you think you are. If you're still in the dark, let there be light:


See you soon,

2:30 pm
Bangers and Mashquitoes
Let me just start my saying, I'm itching and scratching like CRAZY! On occasion, I may have to pause in order to rip at some raised flesh. You won't notice as you read; trust me, it's true.

We caught the ferry—some of us by the slimmest of margins—and journeyed our way to Davis Park, Fire Island.

Digression: We've been a fixture at the Casino since 2004, and this summer would prove no different. In fact, a clan from Colorado that happened to see us make our debut way back when was there again for the first time since then. They sure had a good time. For the purpose of confidentiality, I won't explain how I know they had a good time. What happens on Fire Island stays on Fire Island after all. (Shout out: Thanks for making it a great night, folks! You are officially Celticly Insane!)

The trip was an uneventful one; we gathered our stuff on the other side and headed for The Casino. We hoofed the equipment up the stairs to the deck, set up shop, and enjoyed the ocean view, the breeze, and the Irish fare that was served up for the appropriately-themed Irish Night.

When we kicked things off, there wasn't a whole heck of a lot of people, which could be due to the fact that 5:30 on a Thursday is kind of a 'tween time--people headed home after a long day of relaxin' on the beach and people headed to the beach after working all day. It didn't take long, however, for the deck to fill up with familiar faces and newbies—those soon-to-be Bammers. The aforementioned Colorado clan helped whip the audience into a frenzy with their dancin' and their cheerin'.

Deirdre, Chad, and I--free of wires, yay!--strolled around the deck, drawin' people to our brand of Irish rock. If I must provide a diagnosis, I say, "Celtic Insanity!" John donned a cowboy hat and caught a Brokeback Mountain comment or two over the course of the evening. "As long as the bottle was passed around, ol' Rent was feeling gay!" (I'm always willing to mess with that line from "The Night Patty Murphy Died." If you've seen us before, you know that no one is safe!) Seth was bouncin' around over in his corner, freakin' me out the whole time because I was afraid that he was going to bring down the deck. Oh, I could feel it give every now and again. I wasn't so concerned about his going over the side of the deck. His fro is like an airbag anyway.

Did the music keep 'em drinkin'? You bet yer arse it did!

Kudos to the guy who absolutely loves our version of "Come Out Ye Black and Tans." He was holdin' up the wall for a while. But once we broke into rebel tune, he was kickin' it on the floor, imploring those Black and Tans to come out and fight him like a man! (We met up with him on the ferry later. He said that he thought we weren't going to play it because we didn't start off the second set with it like we had in the past. He was relieved, however, when he recognized the frenetic guitar intro, which followed our rendition of U2's "I Will Follow.")

Tons of energy was expended over the three + hours we played. Yeah, most of it was part of the show; but some of it was for another reason entirely: we were smacking ourselves silly because of the mosquitoes! I swear I wiped on some Off, but it worked more like On; I was a human pincushion, with those little bastards sticking me on exposed areas and through my clothes. I'm sure that I looked like I was doing some strange choreography for a Ciara video or something—maybe I looked like I was nuts or on some sort of hallucinogen; but I was truly fighting off a horde of blood-thirsty dive bombers. I mean, I'd touch my face to wipe away sweat and I'd feel one or two skeeters roll between my fingers and forehead. Nasty! Proudest moment: I smacked two suckers at once as they dined on my forearm. Gotcha, you bastards!

After a rousing end to the final set—"A Better Way," "Whiskey in the Jar," "Trouble," and "Welcome to the Seisiun,"—we closed up shop, racing against the airborne onslaught and the clock: there was a ferry in sight. We got everything broken down in no time, said goodbye to old and new friends, and trekked toward the dock.

Aside: Sorry, Seth. I've got to. I can't hold it in anymore. "Is that a beer?" "No." "Is that a beer?" "Yes." (I'm thinking that this has a two month shelf life. Too bad we don't have more gigs lined up!)

The ferry ride home was even more uneventful, except for the fact that I got to check out the pictures and the video that Donna shot during the show. Check out her handiwork on the main page: The Casino picture album and slideshow and the "Fields of Athenry" video.

If anything else comes back to me, I'll blog it.

Thanks for coming out to the show. Thanks, too, to those of you who follow us through MySpace. Technology's a wonderful thing, no?

Keep an eye on the schedule. Something may pop up between now and the next Casino gig. Also, be sure to keep the Long Island Irish Festival in your sights. We'd love to see you there.

See you soon,

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
2:36 pm
Summer St. Patty's Party!
It's that time of year again! If it's July 17th, it's BAM @ Morgan's. It's become quite a tradition. The deck is always packed out with Bammers. (It's even more impressive if you consider the fact that reservations are required!) This year, the weather was perfect. (No super storm was in sight. Yikes! Remember last year?) The crowd was into it--especially when it came time to find if the "music keeps us drinkin'!" Everybody was singing along as if he or she had waited a whole year to shout out his or her favorite line.

Observation: There was a lot more clapping going on than mosquito swatting; very few airborne critters invaded our space despite our being right on the water. There were times at past shows where I felt like a buffet table. I think I lost one bug, however, in my ear; I think I swallowed one, too. Could be worse I guess: one could have swallowed me.

We'd also like to dole out props to the bagpiper and the step-dancers who helped make this Summer St. Patty's feel like the real deal. The dancing had Deirdre reminiscing about the good old days. When she's out kickin' it on the floor, you can see glimpses of those days when she was in the colorful dress, sporting the wig of cascading curls, and stompin' somethin' serious. Go Dee! Seth was reminiscing, too: he remembered the time when one of the town elders rolled something he called a "wheel" into the town square. Go Seth!

Thanks to the familiar faces and to the folks who came down sans reservations--just because they needed their fix of Bangers and Mash. Once you get a taste, you're hooked.

Check out pics from the show. (Thanks Donna!) You'll find 'em in the first slideshow on the page or on the regular pics page.

After show meal update:

I didn't feel like driving up to Wendy's; Burger King's closer. I opted for the Spicy Chicken Tendercrisp sandwich and a large fry. Wasn't bad. I'd stop for one again.

Next gig: The Casino @ Davis Park, Fire Island next Thursday 7/26. Catch the ferry, catch a show.

See you soon,

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
2:38 pm
Bangin' on the Park
We shot out to Southampton this Friday past and ripped it up in typical BAM fashion. How'd it go?

Rent and I truck-pooled our way to Birchwood on the Park, enjoying the sweet sounds of Sirius radio--Hard Attack and Hair Nation, in particular. It's always a hoot reminiscing about the bands of our youth, many of them one-hit wonders and even more of them responsible for the hole in the ozone layer. We showed up in plenty of time, enjoyed a welcoming beverage or two and set up shop. There were quite a few folks in attendance, including SuperBammer Mick. A few of the young ladies who work at Birchwood invited some friends down, which made for a fun night. Top Friend Jen was there, too, with a bunch of buddies. Thanks for supportin' the cause!

BAM was in da house! We wowed the crowd with our high-energy renditions of familiar Irish favorites and tricked-out tune sets. We unveiled a Chad-written original, "Chained to Walls," in the third set, which featured, too, a new and improved version of "www.ilovealpacas.com." I even got to sit on a stool out amongst the folks as I delivered the last bit of "Whiskey in the Jar." The ladies seemed to get a kick out of that. Deirdre, even while busy playing reels and jigs, was out on the floor, giving dancing lessons to the girls!

Overall, the night went according to plan. I was probably a bit more out of hand than everyone is used to; but hey: I'm allowed to let loose, too, right? I think the loose-letting birthed quite a few memorable moments. I'd even go as far to say that my antics scored us a few more loyal Bammers. I mean, I've already been hit up by a bunch of them--in terms of making MySpace friends. That's good news, for sure. Regardng the "antics": what happens in Southampton stays in Southampton. Unless, of course, some sneaky sneakerson was snapping cell phone shots through the night. I will say this: I was chatty, funny (ok, that's a judgment call), and I danced around to "South Australia" like I never had before. The ubiquitous water bottle almost fell out of its pocket, I was flailing so!

Rent drove me home--despite an offer from someone who enjoyed the banging and mashing she received over the course of the evening. (Such is the curse of being the totally delicious lead singer of a band of cultish renown.) We spoke more of the bands we loved--and still do in many cases--way back when. In fact, I remember my cousin and I going to the Sun Vet Mall and our buying Grim Reaper, Lizzy Borden, and Fates Warning cassettes. Grim Reaper, in particular, had a Parental Advisory sticker (thanks, Tipper!); we raced to get to the lyrics so we could see what the deal was. Wasn't much of a deal, after all. We made my cousin's father play the tapes as he drove us home. He'd pop out his George Strait tape and pop in whatever we had. Anything on the Metal Blade label was fair game. Rent dropped me off after an uneventful ride and rolled on toward his abode.

I had to eat something; I was starving. I nuked an Amy's Vegetable Pocket Sandwich. Tasty! Holy shiitake that's good eatin'! Head hit the pillow at around 4:30am. Yes: t'was a long day. Good thing: since I'm on vacation, I don't HAVE to do anything. Sleeping in is totally an option.

Guess which option I chose.

See you Tuesday at Morgan's. It's time to get banged and mashed all over again.

Saturday, May 26th, 2007
11:44 pm
Last night at Scotty's
Yeah yeah. It's been a while since I've been here. I've been doing most of my blogging over at the MySpace page. If you're not visiting the MySpace page, you're not a true Bammer. Here's the latest:

T'was a rippin' time at Scotty's; we were still playin twelve hours ago to a few late-night loyalists. The crowd was ready and willing; so we gave them something to appease--and promote--their insanity. We were pleased to see a bunch of familiar faces, especially Jenn--an original Bammer and founding member of the Couldn't Have Come Crew--who was in cap and gown. Congrats, girl!

We banged our way through a new song: a reggae version of "Spancil Hill." We also spiced up a couple tune sets. Chad, for instance, added a wicked lead to "Deirdre Drowned the Pony." John was busy bashing out funky rhythms, breathing nasty life into the setlist.

I was able to shot the show; a video or two might come of it. The sound's actually pretty good.

Now, if you are in desparate need of getting your fix of BAM, keep a eye or two on the schedule. Next weekend, we've got two big gigs. We'll be in Southampton on Friday and in Hampton Bays on Saturday. Come and get it!

See you soon!

Sunday, April 1st, 2007
5:58 pm
Patchogue Theatre show
Thanks so much to the organizers, to the producers, to the other bands—Fathom and The Prodigals—and to everyone in attendance. We had a blast! It was great being up on the big stage with room to roam and a kick-ass sound system.

Our set was non-stop bangin' and mashin' from Dee's first draw. Our set included:

Reel It Out (5 reel set)
Mud Angel
Danny and Mary
Out of the the Frying Pan w/jigs
Deirdre Drowned the Pony
A Better Way
The Fields of Athenry
Welcome to the Seisiun

Heard in the wings after our set: "Your version of 'The Fields of Athenry' makes the Dropkick Murphys seem pale [in comparison]." It's hard rockin', no doubt.

Check out the new pics from the show. The house photographer sent them over to us. (Unfortunately, we didn't take any pics, nor did we get any video.) They're definitely higher in quality than any we would have taken :-)

We were very pleased with the reaction we received during our set and after. We saw old friends, recently made friends, and made new friends. In fact, a couple of ladies pushed me in the direction of their friend, who, according to them, has a "crush" on me. She told her husband, right there in front of us, that he should grow his hair out so... Well, you get the idea. It's just one of the many burdens I enjoy as the long-haired guy.

If I think of something else worth sharing, I'll letcha know. Till then, see you soon.

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
3:06 pm
Where were we?
Last Sunday, we provided the entertainment for the Patchogue Chamber of Commerce Annual Passing of the Sash Party. We've done so for the last 4 years. We were upstairs at the Brickhouse Brewery with a bunch of folks who had no idea how rowdy they'd get over the course of the afternoon. That's the effect we have on people. Despite the fact that we had to be a tad reserved in our presentation, we sounded strong: tune sets were tight and solos were sharp. Aside from some exposure and a couple of bucks, this gig scored us a seriously big gig, which is coming up this Friday: we'll be playing the Brickhouse main stage on 3/9. Be sure to come out and support us. The more Bammers, the better shot we have at playing there again. Let's make this one to remember.

Last night, we played a fundraiser for the Center Moriches parade at the Rockhill Country Club in Manorville. Again, we took a bit off the top—to start. Everyone was into our brand of Celtic insanity, so we pinned it in the other direction and rocked it out. I thought the walls were going to come down when the house shouted, "The music keeps us drinkin'!" Speaking of tune sets—which I wasn't, but it's as good a transition as any—the lot of them were beyond solid; they cranked. Chad has really added that guitar punch to drive the traditional fiddle tunes to new heights. Deirdre was out of control: she was wanderin' all over the joint, playin' at tables; at one point, she was upstairs hanging over a railing with some spotlights. John was at his bangin' best, and Seth let his fingers do the talkin'. Kudos to our special guest, Edd Carney, for his drivin' the folks into a frenzy with his take on some of the old Irish ballads and with his 50s repertoire.

One neat note: I was approached by someone who seemed to be having a good time. He let me know that he was forty-five and that his favorite song in the world is "The Fields of Athenry." I got nervous, of course, because we had just finished playing it, and it's not all that faithful to the original (ie. our version is hard rock/metal). He went on to say that he's heard every version of this song one might imagine and that the version we just performed was the BEST he's ever heard. I know it's a good version, but I was really surprised to hear him say that. I couldn't thank him enough for his kind words. He said he'll be seeing us again—as long as we play his favorite song for him.

Moments like that make it all worthwhile.

See you soon. See you, I hope, tomorrow at Luciano's in East Islip. It's parade season!!!!

Saturday, February 24th, 2007
9:51 am
The Scotty's Incident?
Tore it up at a place where Irish music ain't a regular thing. Nothin' like seepin' into a joint--without any expectations--and rippin' heads round: whoa! Goture dancin', your hup-hup-huppin' along; smack those hands togets, c'mon! And the otherwise rockhard rockettes obey--me. YES! Didn't hurt that Chad was on fire, fire, fire (using my best Beavis blow). He showed his rugby buddies who's boss, baby! That's the essence of BAM, in a natural casing.

Thanks to everybody who came down to show support for their favorite--or second favorite, anyway--Celtic rock band. Thanks to Mark for sittin' in with his sax. Oh yeah, baby: we got saxual last night. Ups to those who danced like nobody was lookin (oh, but we were lookin') and to those who prove the most important point of all: The music keeps us drinkin'!

Hope to see the lot of you out some time in the very near future. Come support BAM at one or more of the almost daily gigs we got goin' on during the next month or so. March Madness? P'shaw. March Insanity! Let's rock--Celticly.

See you soon,


Don't forget to visit the MySpace page for all things Celticly Insane and, as is our wont, Celticly Inane.

Monday, February 19th, 2007
1:17 pm
The evening at Buckley's Inn Between started off innocently enough. Chad greeted me with a mention of a company called Faceplant and visions of a West Coast swing. Fair enough. There was a pretty decent crowd, which slowly grew as we got closer to the start of the show.

Side note: An odd gentleman stepped into the bar and stood just inside the door, next to one of our monitor speakers. He swayed a bit, like a ship on a stormy sea, but stood his ground. Thing is, he just stood there, staring into the throng. The owner drifted over, shared a word or two, and escorted the gentleman out of the bar. Not too put off, the man stood just outside the door, staring through the glass and into the throng. At one point, he applied some lip balm. (It was pretty raw out there.) He made his way back in again at some point, and was escorted out yet again. Apparently, he didn't need one more after all; he was feeling just fine.

We rocked it out, driving the folks wild with the typical BAM fare. In attendance were the non-BAM members of Newgrange Stone, which played its first BIB short set during the first intermission. Kudos to Carole and Audrey—and to the moonlighting BAM crew; they've certainly hit on something with their quirky versions of old standards.

We finished off the night with killer versions of "Eclipse," "Mud Angel," and "A Better Way." During "A Better Way," a couple of girls, who had been having fun all night long, jumped up on the bar and started dancing wildly. They caught the attention of everyone, especially Seth. His bass playing became truly inspired once he snared a glimpse of the wannabe exotic dancers. (While not exactly exotic, their moves were of the "excuse my French" variety.) We closed with "Seisiun," for which Dee was issued a speeding ticket. How'd you get so fast, girl? The house music came on--Madonna's "Like a Prayer"--and the girls climbed back on the bar.

The bar-top dancing went on for a good half an hour until...FACEPLANT! Yes: the night ended just as it began. It's so short story, isn't it? One of the rowdies was gyrating on a tall bar chair, and as she was shaking her money maker, she made a move to join her swingin' sisters on the bar. She never made it. The chair screamed and saw an opportunity to escape with the young lady's weight shift. It bolted out from under her, and she found herself aloft--which didn't last too long. Guess she didn't have a latent mutant power that would have manifested itself in the face of danger. She hit the floor. Hard. Nothing hit the ground first. Smack your hand on your desk/table; that's how she hit. I thought she hit her head on a portion of the bar that juts out at the bottom; but she just missed it. She appeared to be out for a moment. A crowd gathered; people started pushing one another; but in the end, it was all good. She got up had a couple shots--to make up for the one she took when she hit the floor, obviously--and started dancing again. This time, she stayed right where she belongs--where we all belong: on good ol' terra firma.

All's well that ends, well, well. Right?

You never know what's gonna happen at a BAM show. Check the scedule: we've got plenty planned for the next few weeks.

Saturday, February 17th, 2007
4:43 pm
Silly me!
I've been using the MySpace blog as the go-to blog for BAM, leaving loyal ol' DoaB without the attention it so justly deserves. Here's my trying to make up for it.

We done so much since I last left an entry. We've played a benefit; we've played bars. We've added songs, thanks to Chad, that will make lots of folks happy: tracks by U2, Horslips, and more!

I've been sellin' shirts like a madman. Sold 4 at an AOH gig last week. Look for some seriously well-dressed Irishmen in the Babylon area.

There's also some cool news on the music front. BAM has given birth to another band: Newgrange Stone. Seth, Deirdre, and Chad can't get enough of playin' for people. Since John and I can't play every day, the aforementioned three have joined forces with Carole and Audrey, a couple of sirens in their own right, to form a sort of Irish music jukebox. They play the Irish songs you know and love in ways you know and love and in new ways you'll eventually come to love.

We've got plenty of new stuff over on the MySpace page, be sure to check it out. You'll find new videos and new pics, too. You'lll notice our numbers are climbing quickly. Thanks to you, of course.

Make sure you get yer butts out to a show in the next few weeks. We're booked solid though March. (The Patchogue Theater show with Fathom and The Prodigals is a HUGE one. Get your tickets now!) Check the schedule on the MySpace page or on the homepage. Don't forget the Newgrange Stone dates and the regular seisiuns at Finn McCool's and Tom McBrien's.

See you soon,

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006
8:36 pm
Connelly's and the Coming of Chad
Ok. When you're done snickering, let me know.


Good. We'll move on.

The Connolly's gig in NYC at the beginning of the month was, without a doubt, a major success for us. We played to a crowd that craved what we do. Doesn't happen as often as we'd like; but when we get a crowd like that, we get juiced and throw it down like an arena-worthy outfit. The folks—even though they had never seen us—got right into our brand of bangin' and mashin'. Hell, one young lady asked for a t-shirt before we even got started. How hot were we? We even sold a couple more during and after the set. Look out for well-dressed dudes and dudettes in the signature black BAM shirt. The army is forming. Be careful: they're Celticly insane! We ripped through our set, which included the following songs: Reel It Out (5 reel set), Mud Angel, Danny and Mary, Nothing Stays the Same, Eclipse, Out of the Frying Pan, Rashomon Gate, Horny Devil (a hornpipe set), 32, Wiella Wailla, A Better Way, Welcome to the Seisiun, T'was a pretty nifty fifty minutes. Loved the fact that Out of the Frying Pan got everybody singin' and clappin' along. REALLY loved the fact that somebody—a complete stranger—asked if we were going to play Eclipse. Hellz yeah we were gonna play it! After the set, found a lot of new Bammers amongst the people in the crowd. I hope we get to see 'em all again. Maybe at another Irish Rock Fest.

I had to take off after catchin' a bit of Jameson's Revenge 'cause I had a lot of work to get done the next day. They're some damn good musicians. Ice Wagon Flu and Ceann closed out the show. Seth said that they, too, were a lot of fun. Hope we get to play with them all again some time in the near future. John and I raced to MSG to catch a train; our racing was in vain. We missed it by three minutes or so. (It was my fault. I thought I knew where I was going, threw us off by five minutes or so.) Fortunately, we met up with Chad, Deirdre, and the rest of the crew. We chilled till the next train.

I was lucky enough to get a solo seat, which didn't stay solo for too long. A pretzel-wielding young lady who was, I'd say, more than half in the bag—mainly because she had a beer entirely in a paper bag from which she was takin' sips—sidled up next to me. She asked if she could sit. I said sure. She offered me some of her pretzel. I declined kindly. I was saved by a member of our crew. Donna called me over to another free seat. Thanks Donna!

Let me welcome officially Chad to our line-up as our lead guitarist. He's a veteran of the live music scene and brings his hot licks to BAM. If you haven't seen him play with us yet, get your butt in gear! With Chad and Dee sharing leads, our sound ROCKS!

Our next gig was at Buckley's Inn Between. With Chad on board, we continued to hone our new sound. He's been adding sweet leads beneath Deirdre's fiddle tunes and has been making his guitar talk up a storm on his own leads, like on Eclipse, which is really kickin' like it used to. The song that's really been takin' shape is 32. It's come alive and was the best it's been at the Inn. Thanks to everybody for hangin' out with us!

Last night (yes: I'm all caught up), we hit Finn McCool's for a Christmas Spectacular. My opinion: we haven't sounded better than our two sets last night. Chad's addin' more to every song every time out. John's feedin' off of the rockier aspect of what Chad's puttin' down. I'm not making it up: we're the real deal all of a sudden. Big things are gonna happen to Bangers and Mash. Keep an eye out.

See you soon,

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006
12:18 pm
Left ya scratchin'
(Much of the vitriol has been edited out of this post.)

We went on at O'Brien's and came out of the gate swingin'. We got the crowd goin' with our very own brand of bangin' and mashin'. We were pumpin' through a juiced up system and had Chad addin' some kick ass crunch on electric guitar. We were headed for quite a night. We had a bunch of BAM virgins beggin' to be sacrificed at the alter of Celtic insanity. And then...

I went home around 12:45a.m., picked up some Wendy's (Big Bacon Classic, no tomato, and a Biggie fry), watched an episode and a half of the British version of "The Office," and went to bed.

Thanks so much to all of you who had kind words for us after our truncated set. I may have missed something, but I thought I heard more than a few people shoutin' that the music was keepin 'em drinkin'. The show, as they say, must go on. It'll just go on somewhere else.

See you soon.

Sunday, November 19th, 2006
12:05 pm
Biggest gig yet?
Y'all ready for this?

We have been asked to play—and we agreed to play, duh—the Irish Rock Fest at Connolly's in NYC on December 2nd. We're joining a few smokin' Irish bands: Icewagon Flu, Ceann, and Jameson's Revenge. It's gonna be a celticly insane night. Do you have it in you to come out and support us at our biggest gig yet? We hope you do.

Don't miss our O'Brien's gig. But definitely don't miss the Irish Rock Fest.

See you soon.

11:59 am
Here we go again!
We hit up Hampton Bays again on the 11th. T'was a good time, as always. We hadn't played in a while, but, as usual, we sounded better than ever. The biggest WOW, in my opinion, was John's drumming. He added progressive elements here and there, waking up some of the old songs. He might be hidden in the back corner, but he's our foundation.

We bounced into Finn McCool's Friday night the 17th. It was a pretty good night. A bunch o' folks were clearly into what we were doin'. There was dancin', clapping, and singin' along; and, boy, did the music keep everybody drinkin'! Irish bar. Irish band. Hey, it's gonna happen. Chad was back again. He threw down some hot licks and drove a few songs to heights previously unreached. We missed John, however; he was stuck on Sunrise Highway. His truck gave out not too far into his journey to Westhampton Beach. He'll be back, though!

This Wednesday night—the biggest bar night of the year—we'll be headlining an Irish Night at O'Brien's in Coram. Come on out and enjoy Seabreeze, the Coggs, and, your favorite, BAM!

See you soon.

Saturday, October 21st, 2006
8:31 am
Harried in the Haptons!
Hit the Inn Between in Hampton Bays last Saturday. Was one of the best nights we've had out there. We enthralled those who accidented upon us and inflamed the BAMMERS who showed up just to see us. We were happy to see Jen and her friends again. It's feelin' a lot like 2003! She was sportin' the ever-popular BAM t-shirt that's making its way onto bodies across the nation. Lookin' good, girl!

I broke out the new guitar for its second show and nearly broke the guitar in the process. It's true: we're a fun bunch; people tend to get up and to dance when we get rollin'. A stepdancer was in the house and kicked it like crazy. She inspired a novice to try out a step or two. Apparently, we should have made an announcement: professionals only! The newbie lost her footing not once, but twice! She fell into my mike stand and over the monitor speaker, sending her person and identified flying objects in my direction. My first move was to catch the stand, the woman; but when I realized what was going on, in a split second, I abandoned my first inclination and huddled around my guitar. A guy's gotta have priorities!

It'll be a while before you can catch us again. We've got three shows slated for November. Check the schedule. We'd love to see ya!

See you soon,

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
12:33 am
To the ends of the Earth
Well, to the end of the Island, at least.

We hit up Westhampton Beach this past Friday. Finn McCool's was the place, BAM the reason for the cover charge. Worth any price is a Bangers and Mash show. Let's be honest. We threw it down Celtic style and fiddled the unsuspecting right outta their shorts! We so know how to rile up the ready-to-be-riled. A couple of pints in, that pretty well sums up everybody in the bar and those brave enough to have joined us in the dining room/band area. Kudos to Chad for sittin' in with us. He was gettin' a feel for the songs in the seth list. He just may find his way onto the BAM CD, which isn't too far off.

Sunday took us to our last show of the year out in Montauk. The place was PACKED with Bammers and soon-to-be Bammers, who left Bammified with CDs and t-shirts. The dinner crowd was rockin' somethin' o'wild at O'Murphy's. The folks were far too kind from the get-go, but went nuts—Brazil or filbert—when Deirdre let 'er rip. Someone told Seth and me that she was "like no other" on the fiddle. We didn't tell her that someone told us that. Like we need her head to blow up like a balloon. She and I wouldn't fit next to one another. Yes: I'm bad enough for the both of us. "The music keeps us drinkin'!" could have been heard across the Atlantic. Now THAT'S somethin' worth braggin' about :-)

Come out and catch us in Hampton Bays this Saturday night. We'll be lookin' for ya!

See you soon.

Sunday, October 1st, 2006
4:00 pm
A couple more for ya!
Last week we played the ol' Inn Between in Hampton Bays. We're still a Buckley's favorite after all these years. We sounded darn good, and the crowd was appreciative of our efforts. Why wouldn't they have been? We rock.

Last night, we hit Montauk for our second-to-last East End gig. It's always a good time at O'Murphy's. Got to have some good food, got to meet some good people, and played our hearts out—without Rent. He was sick and stuck in bed, poor guy. We hope to have him back with us for our big Columbus Day weekend. Don't miss our shows at Finn McCool's and, again, at O'Murphy's.

And don't forget to buy a t-shirt: show your love for BAM!


See you soon,

Monday, September 18th, 2006
8:53 am
Last week recapped
We brought the BAM to O'Brien's in Coram Friday night. T'was a rockin' place, pretty well packed out with never-seen-us-befores. Oh, there were some familiar faces amongst the throngs, no doubt. Nice to see some original Bammers, specifically speaking, Jenn and Chrissy. Good to see that they haven't lost their love for our crazy crew.

I doled out a couple of the new shirts to my mates. They'll be well-dressed Bammers now. Can't wait to get a few pics of them!

Movin' forward: catch us at Buckley's Inn Between on the 23rd. It's gonna be another one of those rip-roarin' good times you've come to expect from Bangers and Mash.

See you soon.


ps. Thanks to those of you who have purchased a shirt or two or three. We certainly appreciate your support!
Friday, September 8th, 2006
7:21 pm
Shirts??? For real????

The Bangers and Mash t-shirts are finally available for purchase online! Just click on the picture of the shirt's front and back: you'll be taken to our merchandise page, where you'll be able to use PayPal (credit cards and PayPal accounts) to score one (or two or three). You'll also be able to get your hands on and your torso in a BAM shirt at one of our shows. Click the pic, why don'tcha?

Pretty cool, huh? Buy one, wear one; take a pic and send it to us!

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